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Brazilian coffee

Café Rødder is inspired on a man who was born and raised in the countryside of São Paulo - Brazil, is drawn back to his roots after years in the city, following his passion for coffee. His journey to rediscovering his roots is guided by a devotion to the one thing he loves above all else: cultivating high-quality Arabica coffee. It is this passion that shines through for coffee lovers of Brazilian Specialty Coffee. This short story explains the name of our brand; “Rødder” means roots in Danish.

Café Rødder beans are perfectly roasted for those that enjoys the experience of savouring a fine cup of coffee.

For lovers of Specialty Coffee 

café Rodder

Café Rødder is committed to select the finest Arabica beans and roast them very carefully. For coffee lovers, the result of this dedication is a specially selected, Arabica bean to be enjoyed on every sip.

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The importance of a specialty coffee

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Rødder is the coffee you need at that moment of the conversation at the family table, with everyone together, smelling the aroma of a good cup of coffee freshly brewed. It is the coffee for baristas who love the best preparation, the best coffee roasting, at the right temperature and with an incomparable flavor. For us, having a cup of coffee has to be a moment of pleasure, of contemplation, one that we just feel time passes by. 

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